BA (Hons), D.Psych

Moira is a registered psychologist, having completed a Doctorate in Health Psychology. Health Psychology focuses on health behaviour change at an individual and population level. It is a unique specialty within psychology as it encompasses both health promotion and clinical health skills. She has over twenty years’ experience in the healthcare sector and has worked in the sleep disorders field since 1994. She is a founding member of the Behavioural Management of Sleep Disorders Committee within the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA). Moira was the recent Chair of the Insomnia and Sleep Health Council (2008-2015), also within the ASA. Moira has a range of clinical skills and a great deal of clinical experience and has complemented these with public education and health promotion skills. Her areas of expertise include sleep disorders, adjustment to illness, grief and loss as well as the psychological management of substance abuse. She is passionate about promoting the importance of good sleep health and this is the main reason for joining the Board of the Sleep Health Foundation.