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Sleep and emotional well-being

The saying ‘they got out of the wrong side of the bed’ is often used to describe someone who is moody, irritable or hard to get along with on a particular day.  This saying shows that people understand that there is a relationship between how you slept and

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Epileptic seizures during sleep or shortly after awakening

Some types of epilepsy produce seizures during sleep or soon after waking. Many of the sleep related epilepsies commence in childhood. One of these, epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes, produces recurrent seizures, of which

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1. What is known?

From an early age, children on the autism spectrum are at higher risk of poor sleep than typically developing children. Studies suggest that up to 80% of autistic children may have sleep difficulties at some time in childhood. For many children, these sleep problems can

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Sleep is important for recovery

Sleep will help your body repair itself and build immunity.  Being rested may also help you manage your pain more effectively.  A hospital stay can be an emotional and upsetting time for you and your loved ones, and having quality sleep helps everyone

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       1. Can CPAP worsen COVID-19 if I have it?

There is no evidence to suggest continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy will worsen COVID-19 if you have it.  Positive airway pressure therapies are commonly used in the treatment of severe lung

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Is Mindfulness a treatment for Insomnia?

The practice of Mindfulness, designed with a focus on sleep, provides an opportunity to create the mental space needed to allow sleep to come back.

Mindfulness meditation may be effectively combined with other strategies to change behaviours that might

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covid 19

Coronavirus stress and sleep

Coronavirus COVID-19 is a new infection that has spread around the world in recent months. This is a pandemic. This virus is very infectious, so it is easy for it to spread from person to person. To prevent COVID-19 from spreading too quickly and too widely

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Why is sleep important?

Sleep is important as it plays a role in the proper functioning of ALL body systems. Although we don’t really know exactly the reason why we sleep, we know that we must sleep, or we can become very ill.  Sleep is important for physical and mental

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Pain disturbs sleep

The sleep-disturbing effects of pain are well known to most of us.  Pain can make your sleep lighter, increase the number of times you wake up or prevent you from returning to sleep once awoken. Chronic back pain is known to be often associated with decreased

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This fact sheet is for emergency personnel responding to a range of situations over an extended period of time. This may include responding to health pandemics or epidemics, bushfire situations or disasters like cyclones. Emergency personnel may prioritise responding to incidents over sleep

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Focusing on sleep is crucial because research shows that not getting enough sleep or not sleeping well affects learning, behaviour, mood and overall well-being.

This sleep education program has been released in conjunction with World Sleep Day and aims to teach students why sleep deserves its

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