Farewell Helen

Helen Burdette has been with the Sleep Health Foundation almost from its very inception over 10 years ago as our Executive Officer. She is about to embark upon a well-deserved retirement and about to set sail on many long-awaited adventures here and overseas. Helen is such an integral part of the

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Partner Networking Event: The inaugural Sleep Forum

The SHF is continually building partnerships with organisations to promote optimal sleep health for all Australians. As part of our mission to foster relationships between community, professional and business partners that have interests in sleep health, we invited current and potential partners to

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CEO Message June 2022

I hope you are staying warm and well in your part of the country. 

It’s a been a busy few months for the Foundation. We feel that we’re in a state of momentum with our eyes firmly on ways in which we can best raise the awareness of healthy sleep with the government and in the general

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Listen to Prof Matt Walker & Dr Moira Junge

Moira Junge

Listen to Matthew Walker, Professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California Berkeley and author of the bestselling Why We Sleep: The new science of sleep and dreams and Dr Moira Junge, psychologist who specialises in sleep disorders, CEO of the Sleep Health Foundation and

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Broad Radio: Jean Hailes Slumber Party with Dr Moira Junge

When sleep isn’t good, everything else can fall apart, fast. Jo Stanley and Shelley Ware explore the factors that keep us all up, and how we can get a good night’s sleep. Plus guest psychologist and sleep specialist, Dr Moira Junge brings practical tips and comfort to even the most restless of us

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Rest Easy with Dr Moira Junge

Have trust that sleep will come to you if the conditions are right

Dr Moira Junge sleep expert and health psychologist and board member of the Sleep Health Foundation participated recently in a Jean Hailes podcast for the – Women's Health Week series. This is an eye-opening chat about night owls

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A Mindful Way to Healthy Sleep – a digital mindfulness based CBTi program for insomnia

Mindful way to healthy sleep

Many people have trouble with insomnia and look for effective, non-drug strategies to improve their sleep.  A Mindful Way to Healthy Sleep is a self-paced online program which helps people to learn proven skills and strategies to sleep well. The program is based on over 35 years of

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Dr Moira Junge Interviews

The Sleep Health Foundation’s Dr Moira Junge was a special guest for Vigour.Media's interviews on the topic of sleep.

We covered the topics of Sleep & Mental Health, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Insomnia and Nightmares / Parasomnia.

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Boss of My Sleep Book

Written by Dr Sarah Blunden and Dr Kirrilly Thompson

Many parents experience difficulty getting their toddler to go to bed at night and to stay in bed and fall asleep by themselves. This book sets out a simple reward system for encouraging a consistent bedtime routine and for getting toddlers to

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The Sensible Sleep Solution

A guide to sleep in your baby’s first year of life

By Sarah Blunden and Angie Willcocks

This book is different from the numerous other books about baby sleep – a topic which occupies and worries most parents during their baby’s first year of life (and often for far longer), Dr Sarah Blunden has

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Nanna naps interview - Radio 97

Are there benefits to napping and is there a 'right' way to do this?

Dr Gemma Paech spoke with Wayne and Jess from radio 97 to share her advice on napping. 

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Why is it so important for your newborn to sleep well

Baby photo 1247775724 smaller

Sleephealthfoundation.org.au – tips to help baby sleep better; sleep tips for new mothers

Welcoming your newborn baby home is an exciting experience but it’s a well-known fact that babies can also turn your world “upside down” for a while until they establish sleep routines. To help you

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