Podcast - How sleep varies across cultures and countries

ABC Radio National Life Matters

In this podcast Professor Dorothy Bruck considers how sleep and sleep/wake behaviours change across different cultures and different ethnic groups. Practices around sleep in various traditional societies are discussed as well as research examining sleep, sleep

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Podcast - How does chronic insomnia differ from occasional poor sleep?

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Dr Moira Junge and Prof Robert Adams with ABC Lifematters Hilary HarperMichael Mackenzie

An important discussion about chronic insomnia after the release of the Sleep Health Foundation report in late November 2019.

How does chronic insomnia differs from occasional poor sleep?


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Welcome to new Board member

Gemma Paech photo 2

Dr Gemma Paech

Senior Sleep Scientist in the Adult Sleep Laboratory,
John Hunter Hospital

Gemma is the Senior Sleep Scientist in the Adult Sleep Laboratory at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and a conjoint in the School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle. In her current

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Hailey Meaklim - SHF Speaker program

Hailey images

I love to talk about sleep, and I am privileged to get to speak to individuals about improving sleep as part of my job as a sleep psychologist. But as a speaker for the Sleep Health Foundation, I’ve had fantastic opportunities to help get the ‘sleep message’ out to the broader public! These

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Safe Sleeping and Babies

Further recommendations for safe sleep in babies

Infant swaddling or wrapping

Swaddling or wrapping your baby is a useful strategy to calm them and promote back sleeping. There is no evidence to recommend swaddling or wrapping as a strategy to reduce the risk of SUDI.

  • Use only lightweight

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Highlights of my Sleep Health Foundation experiences

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I became a speaker for the Sleep Health Foundation in 2015 and have really enjoyed the experience. It has given me the opportunity to promote sleep health to a wide range of different audiences. I have found that people are always really interested in learning about how to sleep well and often

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Where can the Sleep Health Foundation take you?

Mine at Narrabri

Where can the SHF take you?

There’s not many people who can say they’ve been to an underground mine site. Thanks to the speaker program with the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF), I can now say that I am one of these people.

In March 2019, I travelled to an underground coal mine about 500km

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Singing for snoring, do we need more ‘tone’?

What is snoring?
by Jayne Carberry, Nathaniel Marshall, Danny Eckert - Guest bloggers 

Noisy breathing or snoring is the sound that occurs due to vibrations of tissues in the throat (e.g. uvula, soft palate and tongue banging on the throat wall) during sleep. Prevalence estimates vary, likely

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Private Health Insurance Reform Amendments

Consultation - Private Health Insurance Reforms, Tiers of Cover and Sleep Studies.

The Sleep Health Foundation recently became aware that the Department of Health is seeking public feedback on their planned reforms of private health insurance, due to come into effect from 1 April 2019. The reforms

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Sleep Medicine

Editor in Chief, Darren R Mansfield

Associate Editors Nick Antic, Shantha MW Rajaratnam, Matthew T Naughton

Published in 2017, this textbook describes the basic physiology of sleep and the range of sleep disorders and their consequences including disorders in children and older people, sleep

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Nine expert tips to beat jetlag

Sleepless night and hazy days on holiday – be gone! Already dreading your next long-haul flight? Then keep reading as Professor Dorothy Bruck from the Sleep Health Foundation shares her expert tips on how to combat jetlag so you can get the most of your next holiday!

Get adjusted to the time

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A Good Night's Sleep and a Good Memory Go Hand in Hand

by Melissa Gibbs, guest blogger

As exam time looms ahead at most modern day Universities, it is common for students to stay up all night cramming, convinced that a few more crucial hours of study can seal the deal in so far as remembering important information is concerned. A recent study by

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