Senate recognises importance of Sleep Health

Canberra was a busy place on Thursday 27 June.  While you are all aware of events later in the day, you should also know that a very important moment in the sleep health of our country occurred earlier, in the Senate.  A motion, sponsored by Senator John Madigan and his colleagues

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Technology & Sleep

For quite some time now we have heard about how technology is bad for sleep. Staring at blue light emitting devices such as televisions, computers, tablet PCs and smart phones can all reduce the production of melatonin (our natural sleeping hormone) at night, causing increased sleeping difficulties

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Sleep and happiness

If you are a ""worrier"", you are at greater risk of having insomnia.

  • Worrying about your sleep can make it worse. This may create a vicious cycle of poor sleep and worrying.
  • Worrying may disturb your sleep even you if you are not an anxious person.
  •  If you have a regular pattern of poor

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$70m Boost for Sleep Research

Prime Minister, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research.

The Gillard Government will invest over $70 million to help Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) improve the lives of Australians by driving world class research in areas including cell therapy, autism, eye care in

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Sleep and mood are closely connected

We all know what it feels like when we don’t get a good night sleep – we may feel tired and irritable the next day, and little things can get to us. Poor sleep can worsen stress and other health problems, such as depression, heart disease and diabetes. Depression can also cause poor sleep, with

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